Galila Arts Festival: Showcasing Over 100 Artists in Pangasinan

The Galila Arts Festival is set to showcase the diverse artistic talents of over 100 artists from Pangasinan and beyond, from March 10 to 19. The event is organized by Pangasinan Representative Christopher “Toff” de Venecia and Galila Arts festival director Jodinand Aguillon.

The festival, which aims to be the first regional multi-arts festival in the province, will celebrate the collaborative spirit of the creative communities in the fourth district of Pangasinan. The event will provide a platform for creative minds to come together, share experiences, skills and network with other artists across the Philippines.

The Galila Arts Festival will be held in various tourist spots in the fourth district, including two town festivals – the Pindang Festival in Mangaldan and the Darayat Festival in San Fabian. The festival will feature a diverse range of art forms including visual arts, music, dance, theater, film, and literature.

According to de Venecia, the Galila Arts Festival is an opportunity for the province to showcase its rich cultural heritage and artistic talents. He said, “We hope that this festival will not only bring joy to the residents but also boost the local economy by attracting tourists and promoting the creative industries.”

The Galila Arts Festival promises to be an exciting event that will showcase the best of Pangasinan’s creative communities. The organizers are inviting everyone to join and celebrate the diversity and beauty of the arts.