Miss Hundred Islands 2023 Candidates Join VolunTOURISM Activity to Preserve National Park’s Beauty

The candidates for Miss Hundred Islands 2023 participated in a VolunTOURISM Activity today, led by their Event Chairman, Mylene O. Manalastas. This activity not only showcased the beauty, intelligence, and talent of the candidates, but also demonstrated their support for the “VolunTOURISM: 100 volunteers for Hundred Islands National Park” project.

The project is just one of the initiatives being spearheaded by 1st District Congressman Arthur F. Celeste in partnership with the Alaminos City Government led by City Mayor Arth Bryan C. Celeste. Its goal is to maintain the cleanliness, beauty, and preservation of the famous tourist spot.

The City Tourism Office, City General Services Office, and City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office also joined the activity. The VolunTOURISM activity involved cleaning the beach and coastal areas of the Hundred Islands National Park.

The candidates, together with the volunteers, worked tirelessly to collect and segregate trash, and participated in a lecture on the importance of sustainable tourism. The activity not only promoted a clean and green environment, but also encouraged tourists to be responsible and mindful of their actions when visiting the park.

“We are grateful to have the Miss Hundred Islands candidates join our VolunTOURISM activity,” said Congressman Celeste. “This is a great opportunity to show the world that Hundred Islands National Park is not only a beautiful tourist spot, but also a place where everyone can come together to preserve its natural beauty.”

Meanwhile, Mayor Arth Bryan C. Celeste expressed his gratitude to the volunteers and the Miss Hundred Islands candidates for their support in the project. “Your efforts in preserving our natural resources and promoting responsible tourism are highly appreciated. Let us all continue to work together for the betterment of our environment,” he said.

The VolunTOURISM activity was a great success, thanks to the dedication and commitment of the volunteers and the candidates for Miss Hundred Islands 2023. It is hoped that this initiative will inspire more people to be responsible and caring tourists, and to support the preservation of our natural resources.