Danger Category Heat Index Recorded in Dagupan City, PAGASA Reports

DAGUPAN CITY – The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) reported a heat index of 43°C in Dagupan City at 2PM earlier today.

According to PAGASA, this heat index falls under the danger category due to the recorded dry-bulb temperature of 33.8°C. This is far from the comfort zone recommended by the agency, which is only between 28-32°C.

Due to the high heat index, residents are at a high risk of experiencing heat cramps and heat exhaustion. It can also potentially lead to more serious illnesses like heat stroke if physical activity continues.

To avoid dehydration and other illnesses caused by the heat, PAGASA recommends drinking plenty of water and avoiding excessive physical activity, especially during midday.

For those who work outdoors, the agency also suggests wearing hats with brims and applying sunscreen to prevent sunburn.

Meanwhile, residents of Dagupan City remain cautious during this weather and continue to monitor updates from PAGASA to avoid possible illnesses caused by the heat.