Local Communities Benefit from Kadiwa on Wheels Program in Pangasinan

The Kadiwa on Wheels once again drew a crowd at the Kapitolyo on February 10th, as expected. The event featured 35 exhibitors with various agricultural products, and many consumers eagerly lined up early to buy fresh vegetables, fruits, and fish at affordable prices.

Aside from the agri-fishery products, there were also plenty of other goods available, such as chips, dried fish products, fresh organic vegetable salad, One-Town-One-Product (OTOP) items from various towns in Pangasinan, woven products, rice, and many more.

Kadiwa on Wheels is just one of the many projects launched by the provincial government under the leadership of Governor Ramon Mon-Mon Guico III in partnership with the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist (OPAg). It serves as a marketing support strategy to empower communities through a direct and effective farm-to-consumer food supply chain.

The event not only promotes locally-sourced products but also encourages entrepreneurship among local farmers and small business owners. The Kadiwa on Wheels program also provides them with an opportunity to sell their products and reach a wider market.

According to Governor Guico, the Kadiwa on Wheels program aims to help both farmers and consumers. By creating an efficient and direct supply chain, the program helps farmers to sell their products at fair prices, while consumers can access affordable and high-quality products.

The Kadiwa on Wheels has been a successful project for the provincial government, and it has garnered positive feedback from both farmers and consumers. This event is not only an opportunity to support local businesses, but it also promotes healthy eating and a sustainable lifestyle.

The provincial government plans to continue the Kadiwa on Wheels program to help farmers and consumers, and to promote a stronger and more resilient local economy.