New Ordinance in Dagupan City Provides Cash Incentives for Octogenarians and Beyond

Dagupan City – The passage of Ordinance No. 2260-2023 has paved the way for the provision of cash incentives to senior citizens in the city who reach the remarkable ages of 80, 85, 90, and 95 years old.

The ordinance recognizes the rarity of individuals reaching such advanced ages, particularly those who reach the centennial milestone of 100 years. While it is a privilege to celebrate the “Gift of Life” bestowed by the Almighty, the productive capacity of the elderly is often affected by various vulnerabilities, and it is crucial for the government to provide support.

Many 80-year-olds in Dagupan City continue to possess robust physical strength and are deserving of the opportunity to utilize cash incentives for their medical needs and leisure activities. Recognizing this, the councilors unanimously approved the ordinance, which grants a cash incentive of P15,000.00 to residents who reach the age of 80. Once they turn 85, they will receive an additional P15,000.00, and the same amount will be granted for those who reach 90 and 95 years old.

The authors of the ordinance are the esteemed “Magnificent 7” councilors of the Dagupan City Council, namely Redford Christian Erfe Mejia, Maria Librada Fe Reyna, Alvin Coquia, Manang Celia Lim, Alipio Serafin Fernandez, Marilou Maria Lourdes Fernandez, and Victoria Czarina Lim. They were joined by Councilors Michael Fernandez, Dennis Canto, Jigs Seen, Marcelino Fernandez, and Joshua Bugayong in supporting and co-authoring the ordinance.

With the implementation of this ordinance, the local government aims to provide financial assistance to elderly residents, recognizing their invaluable contributions to society and ensuring their overall well-being. The cash incentives will serve as a means to support their healthcare needs and enhance their quality of life during their golden years.

Dagupan City continues to prioritize the welfare of its senior citizens, and the cash incentives are just one of the many initiatives the local government is undertaking to promote their welfare and uplift their spirits.