Pangasinan Gov’t to Loan from Landbank for Infrastructure Programs

The Provincial Government of Pangasinan is set to loan funds from the Landbank of the Philippines to support various programs, including housing projects for employees and the Provincial Employees Welfare and Excellence (PEWEX) program.

According to Provincial Legal Officer Baby Ruth Torre, the local government, under the leadership of Governor Ramon Mon-Mon Guico III, has launched several projects and activities, including the province-wide E-Konsulta and Konsulta Plus, in cooperation with 14 hospital heads led by Dr. Dalvie Casilang.

The government is currently in talks to plan a housing project for Capitol employees, aiming to provide decent housing for its workers. To fund this project, the government is seeking authorization for Gov. Guico to enter into an omnibus term loan with Landbank of the Philippines, with the support of the members of the Provincial Council.

Aside from the housing project, the government is also continuing discussions on connectivity projects such as the north alignment and the PEWEX project.

Recently, the government held several activities in celebration of “Employees Month,” including events focused on the welfare and health of employees. The government encourages all government employees to work towards achieving the government’s goals and programs.