Pangasinan Honors Quality Health Services at 12th Provincial Health Summit

LINGAYEN, PANGASINAN – The 12th Provincial Health Summit and LGU Scorecard Awarding and Recognition was recently held at the Sison Auditorium in Lingayen, with the theme “Universal Health Care: Moving Together to Build a Premier and Healthier Pangasinan.” The summit aimed to honor and recognize the efforts of various municipalities and stakeholders in providing quality health services.

Representing the governor, Special Assistant Von Mark Mendoza conveyed the governor’s vision of a provincial hospital facility that is at par with the private sector. He emphasized that the Pangasinan Provincial Hospital must become a specialty hospital that provides world-class health services to the people of Pangasinan.

In his message, Vice Governor Mark Lambino acknowledged the efforts of the municipalities and stakeholders in providing quality healthcare. He also pledged the support of the provincial government in improving the hospital system and contributing to the universal healthcare program.

The Health Summit also highlighted the awarding of the LGU Scorecard and recognition of the best performing LGUs. The event also witnessed the ceremonial signing of an MOU between ADMU-IPC and the Pangasinan Provincial Government, as well as the oathtaking of the new AMCHOP President, Dr. Paz F. Vallo, and AMCHOP President 2022, Dr. Mario De P. Guzman.

The province of Pangasinan was the only region in Region 1 to achieve a 100% rating in the Key Result Areas (KRAs) Preparatory level, making it an exemplary province in terms of providing quality health services.

The provincial government aims to upgrade at least 14 of the existing hospitals in the province, in addition to professionalizing the institutions. The goal is to establish a Pangasinan Provincial Medical Center System that will provide world-class healthcare facilities and services to Filipinos in need of proper healthcare.

The Health Summit was a significant event for the province of Pangasinan, emphasizing the government’s commitment to improving the healthcare system and providing quality health services to its people.